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Well, actually it's more like unpacking.  We got rid of the majority of our stuff last week when we moved out of the Shire, but now we are left with the task of whittling our pile down to the necessities, which we'll stuff in our panniers and BOB.  

I broke the handles off our spatula and my toothbrush to save weight (and more room for outrageous quantities of Heed!).

We've still got more to do...  it's a bit overwhelming.  I keep going back and forth on whether or not I need a rack bag, and at the moment I think it might be a good idea.  

Now we've been sidetracked by the "Roast of Joan Rivers"...  ohh the posh life at Susan's condo...


  1. gook luck guys, you're nuts. wish i was going.


  2. Sounds exciting. I've really enjoyed Portland the couple times I've been there.

    Would it hurt your feelings if I passed on the opportunity to smell your chamois?


  3. You guys are going the wrong way, you're going into the wind..... Anyway good luck! Biking half way across the country was the hardest thing i have ever done, but so worth it. Take lots of pictures! I look forward to reading about your adventure.


  4. It's only overwhelming if you THINK about it!!!

  5. we're young. wind ain't no thing.

  6. Welcome to the PNW.. SiouxGeonz on BJ posted your blog link.

    If you need any help when you get to Portland, email me at JKeenan0407 AT yahoo DOT com

    Ride Long and Prosper

    Slo Joe Recumbo