last day at the shop

wooooooooooo :*-( tear..

We are having fun setting up a trek 520 as a display bike. It makes my measly two cage mounts look pathetic with THREE bottle cages (but my Fuji has spoke holders on the stay).

Tomorrow we head to St.Louis to hang out with the fam and to get a good night sleep before we set out Monday morning on the trail. We've been going out a lot the last few days with friends and staying up late so it'll be good to rejuvenate before we start the trip... I think we'll go to a water park. Go figure..

My friends Kiona and Doman are in town and last night we went to C-Street and got funky fresh with the awful dj. Tonight there's another going away party at Dan's parents house. Yesterday John A. brought (root)beer and pretzels to the shop and we kicked back on a modified porch. We've been spoiled :-) it's a lot of fun. I'm way way way excited for the trip, for just getting the chance to ride my bike all day, and for living in Portland too. It's a bit sad to leave all the friends I've made in Champaign, but they'll visit!




  1. Good luck, Anona! I hope you guys have a great trip. :)

  2. So good to see you biking lovebugs gooooo!!!!! I'll be smellin your chamois the whole way thru :)

  3. funky fresh just like my new cheetah socks and barr-ettes!!!! thanks for hookin it up girl - we gon miss you lovebugs :)