Rest Day!

Today, which is apparently Saturday, (we thought we were a day faster) we take our first rest day! Yesterday we rode about 70 miles, starting in Higginsville and ending up in Watkins Mill State Park, which is just to the west of Lawson. The hills got really steep yesterday, as we rode away from the river. I'm really looking forward to putting some easier gears on once we get to Nebraska.

Yesterday we spent almost 8 hours in the saddle. We got a late start, around noon, and thought about just asking a farmer if we could set up camp in a field. We kept riding though, and made it to the state park just before sunset! It felt so good to be done for the day. As we were unpacking, a guy pulled up to our site to say hi. It was Craig, who we had met on the Katy Trail just a few days back! He said he lives near Lawson and was just camping there for the night with his kids. He invited us over for dinner and even brought us a few things from town. Such a nice guy!

Resting feels reeeeal nice. Slept in late, did the laundry, took long showers, and rode into town WITHOUT the trailer to get some food (chinese buffet was such a bad call) and go to the library. Tonight, hopefully we can get a fire going and be ready to get an early start tomorrow. Times running out on the computer so i'll leave it at that. Talk to you soon!

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