This is actually happening!

The last day at Champaign Cycle... I'll miss this place for sure. It's such a weird feeling to be leaving for good. Thanks to everyone here who have made the last 4 and a half years so great! Keep us posted on how things are going and feel free to come ride with us in Portland! Much love to you all

Packing is done! I was up till midnight overhauling/packing the 5 bikes we're shipping out after we get there. Replacing chains and brake pads really adds up! We also have a lot more stuff to ship than I thought we would, but were able to stuff most of it in with the bikes. Tonight, the parents are having a little send off party, then it's late to bed and early up to hit the water park in St. Louis. Anona's parents are meeting up with us afterwards and we'll have our last goodbyes.

Can't wait to get on the road...the preparing for this is the worst part. We'll update as soon as we hit the first library!


  1. Good luck, Dan! I hope you guys have the adventure of a lifetime. Really can't wait to see how your trip unfolds. Make sure you update your progress as countless numbers of people are depending upon your tales for vicarious living! OK ... maybe not so countless, but I'll definitely be reading. :)

    Here's a link to the blog I told you guys about earlier today: http://pathlesspedaled.com

  2. Hey guys, this is Joel Gillespie from the Bike Project. I write for Smile Politely, and I'd really like to interview you about your trip if you're up for it. You can email me at joel.gillespie@gmail.com next time you're at a library and maybe we can set up a time to talk on the phone? Thanks!