wow...so much has happened since our last post! it's hard to keep up...

Well, we got out of Jeff City safely (thank you Mr. guy who passed by the library who told me about the bike lane!). Let's see... we made it to Arrow Rock State Park that night and cooked up some dinner and hit the hay. About an hour after we climbed into the tent it started raining. An hour after that we noticed that the ceiling of the tent was starting to drip...then it slowly saturated with water...then our feet were drowned in a pool of water...the thunder started... It rained for half the night and we were soaked. Believe it or not, but our 15 year old tent was no longer waterproof! Somehow we slept a little, and woke up to sunny skies...and NO food. Apparently the raccoons also like red lentils and brown rice. And oatmeal. And soy protein. (I'm an idiot!)

Back on the road... we were finally off the mushy-when-wet Katy Trail and headed to Higginsville, MO. Dan paid me back for leaving the food out and bringing a crappy tent by taking a wrong turn, which he tried to correct by turning down a hilly gravel road. Somehow he redeemed himself when the gravel road spilled us back out on the main highway that we were supposed to have taken. We didn't lose much time, and pulled up at Buck's Country Mart in Higginsville with time enough to eat a whole watermelon and more before we found our camp site. The "campground" was in the fairgrounds/park. Roz, Lonnie, and Little Lonnie met us at the camp site and brought us our new (bigger & better & drier!) tent. I'd never been happier to see them!!!!!!! We set up camp and grilled veggies and cooked split peas for dinner. After dinner we walked across the park to the Sonic for ice cream. Little Lonnie worked so hard to drink his creamy grape slushy through the straw...so cute! We slept well and woke up and had a long leisurely breakfast (delicious eggs, Lonnie!). A park district guy came up to us and offered to open the city pool so we could take some showers. People are so nice! We had a great time hanging out with Rozzy and the Lonnies :-) Pictures are coming later...

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