we are here!

yikes we are in Portland!

Tuesday was the day from hell. I got five flats. It rained and was cold. Only 50 miles to go, but that slowly tuned into 78 miles. We rode on the interstate (the only way) for 15 miles; not too bad, but it was raining, and the tire pieces containing wires give hard-cases flats. Ugh...! The ride was beautiful though, once we got onto the historic highway. At some point, the terrain changed from desert-like to gorgeous waterfalls and trees. We finally got into Troutdale and found a bike path, which led us right into Portland. We saw the "Entering Portland" sign and though OOOHH we're THERE!! Not yet! It took us 2 hours to get into the city an find the hostel! The hippy-dippy hostel was booked, so we ate at Taco del Mar (now hiring!) and crashed at Motel Six. I slept so well!!! Well, after I stopped worrying that we had no place to live and no jobs. It's not as much of a relief to get here as we thought!!!!! But I guess really it does feel great. We MADE IT!

The next day we looked at a studio apartment in downtown--super cute, hardwood floors, clawfoot tub, Murphy bed (slides under the bathroom floor into wall) and month-to-month rent. The realter is supposed to call back today. Hopefully we can move in tonight! If not, we can maybe stay for a month at the house of a guy who works at Voodoo Donuts--his roommate is subletting.

Last night we stayed at a cool hostel called the White EAgle. It's a funny story how we got there! I'll let Dan tell it!!!! We failed to make reservtions for tonight (the busy, hard-to-find-reservations-for night b/c it is friday) hence the need for an apartment ASAP. The White Eagle was wonderful though--above a bar with delicious and cheap happy-hour food! Try the beer garden burger when you are here and the Dan say's best french fries in the world.

Now we are taking shifts at the library (high theft area we suppose) while one of us watches the bikes & gear. I'll let Dan tell the many gaps I left!!!!!! All I want to do right now is hop on Poprad...IM READY FOR CROSS SEASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I would love to do laundry. And drop my panniers. And cook on a little gas stove instead of eating out.

Oh, but WE're HERE !!!!!!!!!! Time to relieve Dan!


  1. These falls?

    Congrats on making it to Portland. That's a pretty awesome accomplishment.

    Incidentally, I was riding in Chicago with XXX last Saturday (in WildCard jersey) and some woman was asking about you (and Becky). She was hell of fast with several tatoos.


  2. YAYYYYYY you arrived safely CONGRATS:) miss you both!