Pictures! Uhh..these are taking over an hour to upload and I am FREAKING out. We HAVE to get over Lolo Pass today or I will be so sad :-(

There was no way to tell which picture were being uploaded, so I picked 5 at random. Not bad; a nice shot of the old cars at the car show in Lincoln (home of Ted Ka.....can'tspellhisname) and of Trixi's in Ovando, MT. PS. In Lincoln, we were lucky enough to meet Fritz, a hermit who lives in a three-sided lean-to in the mountains. He keeps warm in winter by snuggling with his wolves. I love Montana.

A sidenote: I hate taking pictures and I despise uploading them onto unfamiliar PCs... (I'm getting grumpy!)

so please check out our Picasa album... ahh

Dan just got back from the bike shop with a new tire (his was almost shredded!) and a special treat... ASSOS CHAMOIS CREAM ! Oh boy am I hot to trot. Ciaooooo..


  1. I enjoy reading about your adventures. I noticed the word chamois is half Champaign and half Illinois. Very cleaver. Chris

  2. What fun, so glad to hear of the generosity and hospitality. We're all pullin for ya. Keep on truckin Ammonia and Dan !